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What is Day Trading?

What is Day Trading?

Day Trading also known as Intraday Trading is one of the 4 the most popular trading styles. It means buying and selling the same instrument in one day. Daily Traders usually trade 2 trades per day. The number of trades depends of market condition and their Day Strategies. Trading Styles: Scalping Day Trading Dwing Trading …

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Kaufman Indicator

Kaufman Volatility Forex Indicator

Kaufman Volatility indicator. According to  Perry Kaufman’s book “Smarter Trading” higher values of the indicator (sub window on the chart above), the higher volatility takes place in the market. Trade Kaufman Volatility in Any Market! Good thing about the Kaufman Volatility Indicator is usability on any time frame. Also you can use it for any …

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Daily Traders

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Hello Daily Traders, welcome to membership website dedicated to day trading. Our mission is to bring as much value as possible to our members. We are trading education website focused on the most important parts of trading. After we developed unique approach to educate beginners and intermediate traders, logical step was to launch project such …

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