XAU/USD – Gold Technical Analysis.

Take a look at the XAU/USD chart at H1 time frame. After strong buy price finally break trendline and previous support it seams becoming resistance. The market will probably correct a little bit so during the NY session I will probably look for short positions.

EUR/USD Daily Technical Outlook

The daily chart for EUR/USD shows us that the price is moving sideways. It is most likely to stay between the resistance trend line and the support trend line for some time. Try to find the best trading setups inside the triangle.

XAU/USD – Gold Technical Analysis

The price of gold is still pretty close to previous support level (now resistance). If you are bullish watch for resistance breakout. If you are bearish try to find the best sell entry around resistance level.

XAU/USD – Gold Technical Analysis

The price is moving below the daily trendline (blue), retesting the previous support 1, which has now become resistance. If you are bearish, look for support 2 as the profit target. For bulls, the first resistance is the blue trendline.

XAU/USD – Gold Technical Analysis

If you take a look at the gold on the H4 time frame, it is obvious that the price has broken support. It may retest this level again, but in the short term, the next support level for bearish traders is support level 2.

EUR/USD Important Technical Levels at H4

If you are trading EUR/USD, you should keep an eye on these levels. The blue line represents the first support level. The price is currently between the first resistance (red line) and the channel support. If you are bullish, the top red line should be considered as an exit point.

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