EUR/USD Daily Technical Analysis Update

On October 15th I show you EUR/USD pair at possible support – daily and monthly time frame. The price already broke trend line at daily timeframe. and daily candlestick close above trend line. There are two possible scenario right now. The price will continue in bullish trend or the price will test trendline as support.


GBP to USD reached 40-year High

GBP/USD Fundamentals & News: On 19th October, GBP/USD currency pair started its trading session at $1.1340. Throughout the day, the currency pair reached a high of $1.1351 and a low of $1.1247. Currently, the GBP/USD is moving at $1.1261 on a bearish note. The currency pair GBP/USD extended its downside momentum on Wednesday after the …

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EURUSD Daily Technical Analysis

EUR/USD Technical Analysis

Looking at the chart above it is obvious that dollar becoming stronger and stronger. Trend is so clear, the question is where is the end of the bearish trend. In my opinion this pair is going to dive more. If you are bullish you need to wait break of this trend-line to search for correction. …

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