The Morning Star Candlestick Pattern – School

The Morning Star Pattern?

The Morning Star pattern is a multiple-candlestick pattern that comprises three candlesticks. The completion of the third candlestick would indicate that a bullish reversal has taken place.

  • A morning star is a visual pattern consisting of three candlesticks
  • It is a Bullish reversal pattern
  • The opposite pattern to a morning star is the evening star

The Morning Star Explanation

The Morning Star pattern consists of three candlesticks. The first candlestick is bearish and indicates the continuation of a downtrend. The second candlestick is a Doji which means it is inconclusive and doesn’t indicate anything. The body of this candle has to be outside the body of both the first and third candles. The third candlestick indicates a bullish reversal has begun.

Opposite pattern – The Evening Star

The Evening Star

The Evening Star
Evening Star is an opposite pattern which means, the pattern indicates downtrend.

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