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Bullish Harami - Candlestick pattern.
Bullish Harami – Candlestick pattern.

What is Bullish Harami?

The Bullish Harami is a candlestick chart pattern that consists of two candlesticks. The formation of this pattern indicates the end of a downtrend and the start of a bullish reversal.

  • The Bullish Harami pattern consists of two candlesticks
  • The Bullish Harami pattern is bullish trend reversal pattern

Pattern Details

The first candlestick is a long bearish candlestick and signifies the continuation of a downtrend.

The second candlestick is a short bullish candlestick and occurs within the body of the first candlestick. This candlestick is a bullish reversal and signifies the end of a downtrend.

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How to Trade Bullish Harami?

How to trade Bullish Harami?
How to trade Bullish Harami?

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Bullish Harami Candlestick Pattern Branding
Bullish Harami Candlestick Pattern Branding

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