Forex Indicators

Forex trading indicators

Forex indicators are a mathematical calculation of past price movements on the market. Using calculations from the previous price they are trying to predict future price movement.

Previous Day HL Beta

Previous Day HL indicator

Previous Day HL indicator is based on previous day high and low prices, including average price of previous day. We build indicator for out own needs. There is few more details to be done to be complete. Update, very soon!

Kaufman Indicator

Kaufman Volatility Forex Indicator

Kaufman Volatility indicator. According to  Perry Kaufman’s book “Smarter Trading” higher values of the indicator (sub window on the chart above), the higher volatility takes place in the market. Trade Kaufman Volatility in Any Market! Good thing about the Kaufman Volatility Indicator is usability on any time frame. Also you can use it for any …

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