Day Trading

Day Trading is also known as Intraday Trading. Day traders open and closing positions on the financial markets in one day. The average number of trades is two per day. It can vary from trader to trader and market opportunities. Some of them open and close even five trades in a single day.

Top 10 Day Trading Tips1

Top 10 Day Trading Tips

The practice of acquiring and transferring investment funds with the aim of making money from changes in the value of the underlying asset during a specific trading day is known as day trading. For beginners, it would feel overwhelming to enter the crypto market. Even some experienced traders from different financial markets also feel reluctant …

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What is Day Trading?

What is Day Trading?

Day Trading also known as Intraday Trading is one of the 4 the most popular trading styles. It means buying and selling the same instrument in one day. Daily Traders usually trade 2 trades per day. The number of trades depends of market condition and their Day Strategies. Trading Styles: Scalping Day Trading Dwing Trading …

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