Day Trading

Day Trading is also known as Intraday Trading. Day traders open and closing positions on the financial markets in one day. The average number of trades is two per day. It can vary from trader to trader and market opportunities. Some of them open and close even five trades in a single day.

A guide to risk sentiment

In the financial markets, sentiments play a significant role since they can influence participants’ attitudes and market movements. As a result, one benefit of understanding market risk sentiment is that it allows investors to plan their transactions accordingly. Moreover, the risk tolerance of traders is one method for identifying an underlying market trend. The risk …

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Day Trading Styles

What is Scalping in Trading?

Are you new to the trading industry? Wondering how to trade safely with your precious investment? Then scalping is your way to go. This article intends to demystify some of these concepts so that, as a new trader, you can make up your mind on how you go about trading and how you can make …

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Day Trading Styles

How To Choose a Trading Style?

Trading is divided into four categories: scalping, day trading, swing trading, and position trading. The lengths of time that trades are held determine the variances between the styles. Scalping deals are held for only a few seconds or minutes at most. Day transactions can last anything from a few seconds to many hours. Swing transactions …

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