How To Install Custom MT4 Indicator

In case that you prefer text and images explanation follow the text below.

Installation of custom MT4 indicators is very simple. This is the easiest way. After you open MT4 platform you need to:

  1. Click on FIle
  2. Then click on Open Data Folder.

After this two steps you follow:

3. Open MQL4 folder
4. Open Indicators folder.

After this four steps you are on the right place.

Your custom indicator is somewhere inn the PC. There are two ways to drop indicator in this forlder.

  1. Find indicator click on CTRL+C (this means you copy indicator).After, click on the Indicator folder image above and use CTRL+V.
  2. Drag and drop. You can simply grab indicator and drop in the indicators folder. Click on indicator (left button on the mouse), drag it to folder and drop.

Of course you can install as many indicator you want. Just copy one or more and past in folder.

The final step is to close the MT4 platform and open it again. Once you open trading platform your indicator will appear on the indicator list (from th eleft side on platform):

After this step all you need to do is to grab indicator and drop it on the chart. Platform will ask you to confirm. Click ok.

And your indicator is at your chart.

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