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Hello Daily Traders, welcome to membership website dedicated to day trading. Our mission is to bring as much value as possible to our members. We are trading education website focused on the most important parts of trading. After we developed unique approach to educate beginners and intermediate traders, logical step was to launch project such as DailyTraders.com

Trading education:

  1. Technical Analysis
  2. Forex Trading Strategies
  3. Forex Indicators
  4. Forex Patterns
  5. And general trading tips
YouTube trading streams are addition to everything from the list above.

Technical Analysis

If you are Day Trader you I guess you will find this part of the DailyTraders.com very useful. In this category we are analysing markets on daily basis. We use very simple analysis and by showing the key levels on the market for current day

Unique Education Approach

There was a time when we was struggling just like you. Learning, testing, failing and trying again make us release what should be the most effective way to educate someone.

When we explain how to use Forex Strategy, Indicator, pattern or how to make Technical Analysis we are going to explain all advantages and disadvantages. In the same times we will repeat each time the most important facts that you can apply to any indicator or strategy in order to make your future or existing strategy profitable or to gain more profit (the goal is improvement). We are going to trade on real Forex Account on YouTube channel in live streams.


While all educational content on DailyTrader.com is FREE, there is Premium Membership option for anyone who don’t have time to learn or he is not comfortable to trade by him self.

Membership benefits:

  1. Get instant access to download area (strategies, indicators, templates)
  2. Access to 2-3 signals per day
  3. Support for Forex Majors, Minors, & Exotics. Gold & Oil too. Live 24/7.

Professional Forex signals are delivered directly to your phone (worldwide) and you can find them on website as well.Our main goal is to make you happy and bring you extra profit.

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